Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Humans Are Awesome

This is just to follow up on the Mannie situation.

I received a call on Thursday from Metro Pet Market, where I purchase my dog and cat food, I was told that a couple unanimously and very generously donated a pile of gift certificates for Mannie's food!
I was completely blown away. I cried.
What a beautiful gesture!
They did say that there are so many cats that are looking for good homes, and Mannie has one, I've just run into a stumbling block, so to speak.

I'm so happy and relieved to keep her.
You have no idea.
Or maybe you do, I just hope that you don't.

I am living at my parents house till I'm able to buy my own place (separation agreement is complete, and my name is off the mortgage). Thankfully, my parents are not charging me rent. Phew!
Lawyers are p.r.i.c.e.y.!
I am doing a lot of housework, including my laundry. ;) Vacuuming, dusting, garbage, dishes, poop scooping, various tasks of caring for my nonhuman friends.
My Mom is pretty allergic to cats. Thus my anxiousness to get my own place.

All that being said, I won't need to use the gift certificates right away, but it's so nice to know that they're there once I'm paying my own mortgage(and extremely broke).
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mannie the cat needs a new home :(

I can't afford to care for Mannie. I've gone over my budget a number of times, and I'm very sad to say I can't afford a number of things.
  • Cable-which is totally fine, I'd actually prefer to not have it.
  • Security System-for when I'm able to buy a new home.
  • Land Line-I'll just use my cell phone. I have reduced my bill & plan, as well.
  • Car Payment-I don't plan on having one when I buy a car.

    Other than that stuff, I'm doing cheap vegan meals.

    I never thought I would be in this position. Of giving up my cat. It was the furthest thing from my mind when I first fostered her, then adopted her. But here I am.

    <sigh> I can't give her the life she deserves. She is seriously the sweetest cat on the face of the planet.
    When I'm hanging out with her, she reaches her paw out to touch my face. It's so freakin' sweet!!
    She hasn't been declawed(ahem=mutilated), but she always very careful to not have them out. She's never scratched me.
    She'll come with all of her gear. Her two litter boxes, four food bowls, pine litter, wet food, scratching posts, all of her numerous toys.

    Mannie Facts:

    short-haired blue merle
    not declawed
    about 5 years old
    litter trained
    eats high quality wet food twice a day

    If you are interested, please contact me.