Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sriracha and Green Onion Biscuits with Country Mushroom Gravy

Sriracha and Green Onion Biscuits
 with Country Mushroom Gravy.
Carlos and I made this because a Facebook friend requested it.
It's listed in the Breakfast section of The Veggie-Lover's Sriracha Cookbook.

Carlos made the gravy while I got the biscuits together. It was my first time ever making biscuits, and I got irritated with how sticky the dough became. But it was kind of perfect. Very much reminded me of the cheesy biscuits at Red Lobster, only instead of cheese, there's sriracha and green onion. It was the perfect amount of spice, too. Well, perfect for my "Canadian mouth"-direct quote from Carlos.
He said it was good for his Chilean mouth, as well. It was nice because it didn't completely take over the way the other ingredients tasted. It was a good accent.

It was nice to have the gravy as a dip for the biscuits. I've gotten much better with mushrooms. Prior to becoming vegan, I could not stand the taste or texture of them, but I've been forcing myself to be more open-minded, and I've come a long way. It was flavourful gravy, and the fresh rosemary that the recipe calls for was a great taste. You really can tell the difference between dried spices and fresh spices.

As stated earlier, this recipe is found in the breakfast section, but we made it for supper. Partly because I neglected to pick up cremini mushrooms, green onions, or shallots. But mostly because I never thought of gravy as a breakfast food. Plus I made gluten-free buckwheat pancakes with bananas and strawberries from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan Brunch this morning.

Overall, pretty simple, very tasty.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Edamame-Sriracha Succotash

Edamame-Sriracha Succotash
I'm late.
No, not pregnant. Late writing this post.

It was week three last week, and Carlos and I made Edamame-Sriricha Succotash from The Veggie-Lover's Sriracha Cookbook.

Admittedly, I don't really know what makes a succotash succotash, and I could very easily find (Oh Google), but . . . meh. As long as it's vegan, and it tastes good, all of that definition stuff is secondary and not essential knowledge.
This was amazingly simple to make. It's real purdy too.
Carlos just loved it! It had a little bit of kick, but not too much for me to handle.
Again, we had all of the ingredients except for the edamame. We each took some for lunch a couple days till it was gone. It was nice because I didn't need to warm it up, wasting valuable break time.