Cooking Plan

My tiny kitchen from the back door.
My tiny kitchen from the dining room.
The plan for 2014 is to choose one cookbook, and once a week for two months, we'll cook a recipe from said book. That way we learn at least 52 new recipes this year, and six of my books get used.
That's right-I just did arithmetic.
Didn't decide on a specific day each week. I'll leave that flexible as it will really depend on the day.
A quick painting I did to remind guests.

January and February:
The Veggie-Lover's Sriracha Cookbook: 50 Vegan "Rooster Sauce" Recipes that Pack a Punch by Randy Clemens

March and April: The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food From An Ordinary Dude  by Brian L. Patton

Week Nine: Introduction with Marinated Eggplant Pasta Salad

Week Ten: Sexy's Scramble with Scramble Seasoning & Not Yo Mama's Cheeze Sauce

Week Twelve: ~my grandfather is dying~

Week Thirteen: ~my grandfather's funeral~

Week Fourteen: The Mario Pizza with Caponata, Basic Pizza Dough, Not-zzarella Sauce, Parmesan Topping, & Balsamic Glaze

Week Sixteen: The Luigi Pizza with Cashew Ricotta, Basic Pizza Dough, Not-zzarella Sauce, & Parmesan Topping
Week Seventeen:

May and June:

July and August:

September and October:

November and December:

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