Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Catheter Dream/Nightmare

I had a crazy dream last night.
I only started recalling my dreams again after the coma about a year ago. I'm still getting used to having them.

As a child, I always had great dreams that I could float around the ceiling in my childhood home.
Dream. Last night. Sort of crazy.
I was at the hospital (no idea why), and I became aware that I had to pee.
For whatever reason, the medical staff said I wasn't able to go, they said I had to use a catheter. Ugh

I recalled that having a catheter was irritating, but I couldn't remember if it hurt. Just that I was annoyed at the very thought of having to use one again (I had one while in the coma, and for a short time after).

So the nurses put a catheter in(it pinched-why I remembered, or thought I remembered, I couldn't say. As soon as it was in, I started to go. I remember the absolute relief I felt. But the nurses hadn't stuck a bag on the end, it was just the hose, so I was urinating everywhere! I somehow stopped peeing (I don't even know if that's possible with a catheter).
I woke not long after, and immediately checked the sheets. I was sure I peed the bed!
Still dry.

The brain is such a strange organ.