Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exhausted, But Feeling Great

Mya & Chaos
Just thought I'd give an update of how my brain is recovering.

I'm working more now. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for four hours in the morning, and Wednesdays for three hours. Physiotherapy twice a week in the afternoon. Nap for two or three hours in the afternoons as well.  Yes, I'm told naps are completely normal for the brain injured.
I seem to be doing well at work. I'm taking calls without someone sitting next to me, and handling pretty complicated inquiries and problems that come up. So that's cool!

I've moved into my sister's house. She moved in with her boyfriend.
Mallory would face financial penalties if she sold her house before June 2015. My vegan friend, Abigail, and I are renting it. I had only met her and her twin vegan sister, Joanna, at a vegan dinner event in February 2012.
We're in the perfect neighbourhood. We're about a 22-minute walk to downtown (where my work is), we're an 8-minute walk to a  flexatarian restaurant, 13th Ave Coffeehouse (they have a pile of vegan options-well, for Regina), a 6-minute walk to Dessart, a candy store that serves vegan ice cream, and a 3-minute walk to dog-walking paths by a creek.
I'll post more about living with another vegan in the future (it's pretty great). I painted a sign for our vegan kitchen.

Chaos is happy with his new family. Abigail has a Standard Poodle named Hermione Granger, often referred to as Mya. She also recently adopted Dobby, "the house elf" (she's a Harry Potter fan, if you hadn't guessed that), a Chinese Crested from the Regina Humane Society. He seriously reminds us of a house elf. He's so freaking sweet and Chaos and Mya seem to really dig him as well.
Mannie is getting braver and getting used to the dogs. It'll take more time for her to warm up to them