Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thee Erin Red Gives A Shout Out To My Dad

Walking to work in the morning.
I regularly listen to my chosen vegan podcasts while walking to and from work(it's about a twenty-three minute walk). Yes, even in the winter. I wear layers.
Monday morning wasn't much different. The biggest difference was that Erin Red gave a shout out to my Dad on Red Radio Episode 53.
He had posted on her Facebook page, thanking her for recognizing my greatness.

I don't think I'm 
all that great, I'm just doing what I need to.

It was the Friday before that my parents had come over. We had a huge amount of snow dump on us all day and night Thursday, so they came to help, with their snow-blower, clear the snow from my walk, driveway, deck, and steps. He mentioned that he had posted on Erin's page.

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I saw my Dad on Monday after I was done work and I told him about the episode.
I told him that Erin said he "raised himself a gem". He responded with, "oh, she knows Mallory too?"
Har Har, Dad, Har Har