Thursday, December 15, 2011

Breakfast With The Family

Every Saturday morning, we go out for breakfast with Troy's parents, and sometimes his brother, Tyler.
We go to Nicky's Cafe. We've been doing this for years. Other members of Troy's extended family are usually having breakfast with their families. And a few good friends go to Nicky's with their families as well. We know a lot of people there on Saturday mornings.
I continued to go for breakfast at Nicky's when I became vegan in September 2010. I just had dry toast with a fruit bowl and some mint tea.
By 'dry toast' I mean, it didn't have butter. I put peanut butter and jam on instead. Sometimes I sneak a banana in for a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich. Yum! 
Did that for months. I was so afraid to find out if the bread they use is vegan or not. If the bread isn't vegan, I didn't want to stop seeing our friends and family each week! I didn't want to cut myself off from the rest of the world.
But, I sucked it up, and was brave and I called and asked. Turns out, their bread is not vegan. <wah wah!>
Well, damn it. For months, I ate non-vegan toast every week, calling myself a 'vegan'.
(This is where I forgive myself for not being the perfect vegan, learn and keep on, keeping on!)

I can't recall if the bread they use has milk or eggs, I just remember thinking, 'Nope! Don't want any of that!'
I do remember a wheat-sensitive customer(maybe she was celiac?) would always bring her gluten-free bread to Western Pizza for breakfast when I worked there. I would just do the same! Bring my own bread.
Problem solved!
I've been taking my own bread for a year now, and I'm very pleased that my brain thought of it! Now, it's hashbrowns, toast and tea.
I realize that most people wouldn't bother, but this vegan shit is important to me!
It takes absolutely no effort to take my bread(other than remembering to take it), and they toast it. They have zero problem with toasting the bread I brought, and there's no charge. How awesome is that?!?
I will talk them into offering more vegan options. I will! Bound and determined! I would especially love it if they offered vegan pancakes! Yummy! I can't see how making vegan pancakes would be anymore expensive. I think it actually costs less. I'll give them one of Colleen's pancake recipes to try.
Yeah, restaurant vegan outreach!

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