Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sorry For The Inconsistencies

My goal has been, with The Brain Injured Vegan, to post a new entry each day(except Sunday mornings-no, not church, just sleep) at around 9:30 am. I've been pretty good at posting by noon. Oops. Right, 9:30! I have my iPhone alarm set for 9:30am, to remind me to stop whatever I'm doing(some days that would be sleeping), and blog.
I usually have the entry mostly written the day before. In the mornings, I just review and change accordingly what I was writing. Some days, it takes longer to publish a post. Sometimes what I wrote makes little sense(I can tell when I was far too tired to be writing anything), and it can take a long time to think of how to write something. Think: grammar and tone.
Thesaurus and have been very helpful when I'm stuck on a word, like 'awesome', or lately 'rad'.

When I say 'too tired', I mean, my brain shuts off. I loose the ability to function. It's rather ridiculous.

Troy's work isn't open between Christmas and New Years. He works in a machine shop as the guy that checks the quality of the products they manufacture. He machined for the first 7 years that he worked at Brandt Engineered Products. He's been rocking the quality gig for the last 3 years. My original point that I was getting to . . .eventually . . . honestly, is that having Troy at home really throws my day off.
Don't get me wrong! I adore hanging out with Troy, but it's like . . . getting a phone call on your way out the door, and then you end up forgetting your lunch. Everything's out of order.
I'm a creature of habit. Well . . . all humans are . . . the point, that I'm trying to get to, is that routine and habit is how I handle/manage my brain injury. I learned, while learning to retrain my brain, that our brains love to categorize and organize. Don't fight it.
I use this same innate desire to organize, and for routine, to work for me.

So, I apologize that I'm not exactly consistent. I try to be. I am certainly not perfect. But I'm going to keep trying, damn it!

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