Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Content Warning

You probably noticed that I recently put a content warning up before you enter my blog.
I did this because I tend to drop the f-bomb here and there.

I feel guilty about a kid(not a baby goat) reading the foul language. I don't know.

What do you think?

I kind of feel like, meh.                       I think I may remove it.

Does it really matter that children see me using that language? Do porn sites even have content warnings? Hmm, probably not . . . it IS porn! Are you really surprised to see naked people???
And how often do kids stumble onto a brain injury blog focused around veganism?? Besides, kids have parents for a reason. So parents, start parenting.
There are way more offensive websites out there.

I was raised by a Catholic, and my understanding is that Catholicism is all about guilt.  

I am not Catholic. I'm not sure what I believe . . .

There's probably nothing to feel guilty about. I mean, my mom taught me to not ring doorbells in case there's a sleeping baby, for crying in the sink!

I am still in the habit of knocking, even when I know that there are NO babies to wake.


  1. Too cute!
    Please by all means ring the door bell at my house, the baby may be sleeping but you will end up leaving without seeing me because I simply never hear people knocking on my door... DEAF MUCH? Maybe or I'm probably just not listening for the door...
    That said I also often drop the *F bomb and I do have kids... OPPS, shame on me for that too I guess.
    But like you said parents should parent and know what their kids are doing. My kids know they shouldn't say "swears", and they also know what they should/ shouldn't be looking at (Although sometimes they do it anyways).
    I really don't see the need for you to go that far as to censer yourself although I may be wrong, and just a bad parent :P
    My bet is as it may actually get you more traffic! :D