Saturday, January 14, 2012

Death On A Factory Farm

In the summer of 2010, Troy's brother, Tyler recommended we watch a documentary about factory farming that was on HBO called Death On Factory Farm. This documentary focused on pigs. We watched.
I couldn't recall the name of this documentary, just that it was about pigs, so I recently texted Tyler, and he could only remember that it was HBO.
I Googled:  factory farm pigs HBO. Found it.

It was very disturbing. Especially after learning that pigs are so smart, and are not all that different from us.
I can't remember the documentary very clearly, but I do remember it confirming everything that I had previously read about animal agriculture: it's hell. 

On that note, I appreciate being reminded why I'm vegan.
It reminds me to never give up. To keep trying, there are still billions of nonhuman animals that need me to keep at it. It's good to have reminders. Maybe it's just me and my brain injury, but there are moments when I need reminders.
It is good to educate myself on vegan things. That way I can speak to whatever I'm hearing people talk about. I have no problem being a voice for nonhuman animals. Even if I can't always access my words, and I sometimes trip over what I'm trying to say, and I often forget figures to quote.
I have to say, my memory is absolutely improving all the time!!

I definitely feel that anyone eating animals owes it to themselves, the animals, the planet, and the people working at those facilities, to watch how that               (fill the blank with whatever animal part or secretion) ended up on their plate.
Or on their back, or in their face moisturizer. Etc.

This thirst for more knowledge has not only grown my vegan library, but I own lots of different documentaries. I have a dozen more listed on my iPhone to watch. All have been very good! I'll review them here soon.
I thought I'd start from the beginning of my vegan journey, and catch you up to what I'm doing now.
It's the paleo-diet! Kidding! That was a joke. 
Speaking of, not to jump way ahead, but you must listen to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's newest podcast episode, The Newest Diet Fad: Paelo.
Okay, 'must' seems like an order, what I mean is that I strongly recommend listening. It's really informative and insightful.

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