Monday, January 30, 2012

Mannie aka Mannipuss

This is Mannie.
We also call her Mannipuss.

♫ Hip hop-a-Mannipuss!            
Flight of the Conchords)

We fostered Mannie for People For Animals, starting at the end of October 2009. I had somehow convinced Troy that we should foster a cat.
Never mind that our dogs want to eat them.
I am told that she's from La Ronge. As a kitten, she was bashed in the head with a hammer, as a solution to her being alive.
She didn't die, but was rescued.
Her new person ended up with terminal cancer, so had to find new homes for her cats.

Mannie was very nervous and scared for the first while.

I did my research and from what I read, to get a cat used to her new environment, start her in a little room, and gradually allow her access to more and more.
We did just that.

Sadly, as mentioned above, Chaos and Mayhem are not 'cat-friendly'. At this point the dogs and cat are still living separately. We keep Mannie in a bedroom, with her dishes, litter box, scratching post, beds, and some toys, while the dogs are out of their crates. When they are in their crates, Mannie has run of the house.

She is the sweetest cat.
She isn't declawed, thankfully, so she's very careful to keep them in when she bats at you.
Very kind of her.
She's pretty vocal, but not to the point of being annoying, just wants to let you know that she's around. Or hungry.
She even let me cut her nails.
Mannie always goes in her litter box and she doesn't destroy the furniture with her nails.
There was a short period when she would claw the coach, but we got her a scratching post and she stopped. Simple solution.

Mannie is the same colours as this female cat that was on my grandparents farm while I was growing up.
She always had kittens.
We called her Grandma-Cat. She was the friendliest cat on the farm. One winter, her tail got caught in a vehicle door, and it fell off.
Poor kitten.
She's a blue merle, I later found out.

We started fostering Mannie in late October 2009, and we got in our crash on December 5, 2009.
While I was busy being in a coma, Troy and our friends and family looked after our furry friends. It did take Mannie a little time to get used to me again. I think she was a bit mad that I abandoned her for that couple of weeks. She refuses to let me cut her nails anymore.

Mannie and I both suffered brain trauma! We're Same-ies!

Needless to say, we fell in love with Mannie. We adopted her.
Troy sometimes calls her The Curse Cat, because she was bashed in the head, then her adopter died of terminal cancer, then we got in a terrible car crash. I don't believe she's cursed. Just has had a really shitty life.

Troy and I want to get her and the dogs good together, it's going very slowly. Mostly because I don't want the dogs to have her strewn about the house, and then try to love them again after they murdered my sweet cat. Troy doesn't think that'll happen.
It's been decided that Troy will be introducing them, while I am out of the house.
I am so nervous! But I really think Mannie's life wouldn't be so lonely if she and the dogs could chill together.

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  1. We also "adopted" a brain-injured cat... he'd been bounced off a brick wall and a truck fender by some drunk people and rescued by a friend of ours. However, this friend is not terribly mentally stable himself, and the cat had really really bad gas. Bad combination. We took "George" who is a super sweet orange tabby. If I had named him it would have been Garfield because he sleeps just like Garfield (curled up with his face down so you can't tell if he's alive). George is also extremely friendly and sweet. He even puts up with the "love" the boys show. Oh, and my son Wyatt who has his own set of learning issues has claimed "This is my kitty!" Very sweet. That's my cat story.