Thursday, January 19, 2012

My First Name

Yes, my parents picked my name.
Actually, to be more accurate, my dad picked Alyx or Jynx. My mom got to choose between those two names. She picked Alyx. My dad seemed to have something for x's and y's . . . he got the spelling for my name from a racy novel called Alyx by Lolah Burford.
Growing up, I only ever had the cover for this novel. I'm not sure what happened to the actual book. Once I figured out that I could find it on, I ordered it.

Must say, pretty bad.

I could be biased because I waited my entire life to read it. And it is a dirty book that my dad read.
I had a lot of hope for some profound, universal truth hidden in the pages, that my dad felt he needed to immortalize with his daughter's name. Or maybe that's mortalize...because I will die. Either way, disappointing.

I've often wondered how I would be different if I was called 'Jynx'.
I'm already pretty 'out there', or different from the great unwashed.
The reason I bring this topic up, is because Regina's vegetarian/vegan group(Regina Vegetarian Society) is finally active once again and one of my fellow members also is named Alyx. How crazy is that?!I mean, what are the chances that the only other Alyx that I know(that uses a 'y'!) is also vegetarian?! Craziness.
I haven't met her yet, our first potluck is near the end of March, but I am very excited!

That got me thinking about people with non-traditional names and how they end up. Did my father set me up to be a vegan? Without knowing it?
I guess having to spell my name each time I tell a new person taught me to not be afraid to try new things. I think....maybe.
More specifically, having a different name taught me to be okay with the weird looks I would get from people.
Maybe I'm used to being a tad different.
Maybe being vegan doesn't seem as daunting or terrifying to me for that very reason.

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