Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So What, If My Life Is Short?!

I keep hearing from people(especially once they find out some of my reasons for being vegan) that they only have 'so long on this Earth', and so what if their life is shorter?! They're going to enjoy it while they are here, and eat what they want and die happy.

Here's the thing:
It isn't like you just keel over one day.
Too often we end up suffering for an extended period of time, sometimes for years, with a debilitating disease or condition. Often we turn into a burden for family members.
I start to think about my friends and family.

I'm lucky. I am already familiar with being a burden(my family would maintain that I'm not a burden, but I know). I'm not just talking about the physical job of keeping me alive and seeing that I recover, but the emotional stuff too.

You can't tell me that your family wouldn't be upset if something happened to you. Okay, really you can tell me anything . . . I just won't believe you. 
I can't seem to shake my judgement that these people are being, straight-up, selfish.
Or maybe they've just never been forced to think about this.

Well, I have been forced to think about it.
I will tell you right now(and hopefully my family is reading this), I will be
plenty-pissed-right-off if anyone I care about dies of something that could have been prevented. Cause. . . as if you wouldn't be mad if you found out I wasn't wearing a seatbelt in the car collision! (I was-btw)

I'm just saying, if something can be prevented, prevent it.

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