Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's my 30th Birthday!

So, I won't be saying a lot.
It wasn't till August that I realized I was turning 30. I thought I was turning 29. I somehow lost a year...? Was it the coma?! Cause it only lasted 8 days! Doing the math though, 2011 subtract 1981 equals 30. Well damn it! I hadn't even started to think about planning it.
I also don't particularly care for making decisions. I tend to put them off. That's what I did, I put off party planning. Then I panicked, then Troy and my good friends, Lindsay and Katie, planned my small vegan potluck. Keeping it small because I get really tired in groups. And then I get frustrated and have no fun.
Keeping it small for my brain.<thumbs up>
I'm also not cooking anything, my friends are all bringing vegan dishes!
I love my friends! I'll be sure to take pictures of the food! Possibly recipe I allowed to do that?
I'll also say, I truly don't feel thirty! Twenty-two...twenty-four...maybe! But not thirty! My mom had 4 children already! I have zero human children.
I keep hearing that this generation is doing it differently than past, so I suppose I shouldn't worry about not having 'accomplished' anything. I can't help but feel like I need to accomplish something.

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