Monday, November 28, 2011

Friends Not Food! Cake

Gene Baur at Farm Sanctuary!
ZuZu, my adopted goat!
Created by my good friends, Katie and Riley!
Inspired by Farm Sanctuary!
Friends, Not Food!

It's vegan.
Two chocolate cakes, with peanut butter chips, and peanut butter icing(the grass). Katie had to do some shopping for peanut butter chips that didn't have milk, but she found them!
At Old Fashion Foods. They carry a lot of 'vegan food'. 'Vegan food' being non-dairy items like Tofutti Cream Cheese, and Earth Balance. They are a tad more expensive(couple dollars) than regular grocery stores, but Superstore(where Troy and I always shop-he was a price-checker when they could rollerblade around the store) recently renovated and has an entire section for natural, organic(and often vegan) foods. It was only a year ago that we had to go to 3 different stores to get our groceries. I like to show the big box stores that there is a demand for these products, but I also like to support our little, locally-owned stores. My solution has been to alternate between the two, and there usually isn't a big difference in price. Usually a ten cent difference. 
The cake was amazing! I am a huge fan of both peanut butter and chocolate! Especially together! (I was super happy when I first became vegan that peanut butter is vegan!)
The fence pieces would pop out from the cake without being bent. Katie and Riley boiled the plastic fence pieces to curve them. They curved them over aluminum cans. Soo cool!It looks like a child's cake with the 'Little People' animals and my 3 candles(worth 10 years each!), but I really don't mind looking young!
This cake was delicious, and adorable!

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  1. Love the cake! Super cute and bet it was yummy!
    It's also great that you have friends that would go to all that trouble just to get vegan ingredients make you a cake!
    Mind you a birthday cake is always worth the trouble for close friends!