Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beginning To Bake

I began implementing little changes to my life to get to transition, I was 'pre-transitioning'. So to speak. I started with eating fruit first in the morning. This was also the time we started to use up our cruelty foods(milk, eggs, flesh, cheese, mayo, etc). Lucky for me, Troy was very understanding that this new lifestyle required all animal-based foods out of the house. Especially at first, when I'm cleaning that stuff out of my body! I'm told that cravings are common, so best to set yourself up to succeed. (I learned that from my time spent working with rescued pit bulls, a very valuable life lesson!)
In June 2010, not too long after reading Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch In The Kitch, I ordered The Joy Of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick- Goudreau.

My mom's side of the family is Hungarian. I'm not sure if all families of Eastern European descent have this same love of baking that my family seems to share...they're really into their baked goods! I couldn't imagine life without baked items. My first challenge was to find vegan versions of the baking I grew up with. Colleen's book was is amazing!
I learned a ton about baking in general, and vegan baking especially.
Just so we're clear: I didn't bake or cook prior to becoming vegan. But vegan baking and vegan cooking is fun, tasty and exciting! It's really great cognitive therapy too(reading recipes, following instructions, etc) and I love sharing what I do with people!
I have bought 10 copies of her baking book, in total, so far, for friends and family. I bought the book so they can bake vegan-style and have food that I will eat. I didn't buy it for them with the intention of 'turning' anybody.
I started with learning the art of vegan baking for my new life. It's been delicious! I've learned how to deal with my brain injury and the baking, and most of these tips come from Colleen's book! Like, having all of the ingredients on the counter, and putting them away as I use them. I have had vanilla extract left on the counter when I'm ready to put it in the oven more times than I care to admit.
The same goes for cooking. I have forgotten garlic, and it wasn't good!
No music is also a rule. I somehow mess up whatever I'm making. Which is really disappointing because I love rocking out, nope, folking-out while I am doing anything(I adore Ani Difranco!). If there is silence, the house feels really lonely.


  1. Wow that's so awesome. I'm glad you are able to be do active and such a great wife by the sounds of things. ;)