Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coma then Skinny Bitch

My husband, Troy, and I were in a car collision December 5, 2009. We were struck by a speeding, stolen vehicle driven by a guy without his driver's license. The driver and his fellows ran. (He was caught later that day.) We were removed from my 2004 Toyota Echo Hatchback using the jaws of life. I was in a coma for 8 days. I had a tracheotomy because I wasn't breathing on my own. Once I was conscious and able, I started my therapies. Physiotherapy, speech language therapy and eventually occupational therapy and exercise therapy. I had to relearn everything. Walk, talk, print, simple math. I seriously appreciate each of these so much now!
Five months after the coma , April 2010, I was browsing through hair magazines at Chapters for my sister's vow renewal. I had also just stopped seeing double from my severe brain injury(!), so I was reveling in being able to visually focus on print! Not happy with the hairstyles I found, I walked over to the books displayed on a table. Skinny Bitch was one of the many.
I bought it.
Awake, with 'coma hair',  no trach or feeding tube
I had lost a lot of weight in my 8-day coma, and it took me about a month to start eating solid food again. Over Christmas, our families would mush up my food and hide the decadent chocolate treats for fear I would choke. More weight came off. Once back to eating solid food like an adult, I ate whatever was offered to me(what's another piece of pie?! She almost died!). I gained it all back, plus some!
So, I picked up Skinny Bitch. I just want to say, I had no idea it was all about being vegan!
Seriously. No idea.
I began to read, and I thought it was such a funny, and well-written book, that I ordered a copy for my mom and my sister and 4 of my close friends. Then I got to the animal stuff in the book.
Boy Howdy, was my face red?!
But, once I read, I knew in that moment, that my life was changed forever!
Back in high school, I was a vegetarian. Actually, I was vegetarian till sometime in my second year of university. I met Troy(now husband) and I went back to eating animals because it was easier. Seemed simpler, and I was drunk, and I wanted that beef jerky. (Where were you, Tofurky jerky, when I needed you?!)
In high school, when I began learning about being vegetarian, I truly thought being vegan was too extreme! I never bothered learning about milk and eggs, and if I was told, I probably blocked it out. The brain is a very powerful thing!

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