Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Lesson Re: Supply & Demand

My family and I went to Florida, for Disney World, Busch Gardens and Sea World.
I think I was about 8. Yes, because I was in grade 3.

I remember quite clearly, one day, we went to a street market with numerous vendors selling a variety of items.
There was one vendor that was selling a large turtle shell(I could easily sit on it), I begged my Dad to buy it for me.  It was so cool looking and I loved turtles! I had three turtles in a tank at home. Surely this piece would demonstrate that turtle love. I wasn't putting it together. Even something as clear as this.
My Dad then explained the concept of supply and demand. He explained that if we bought the shell, they would just find another turtle to kill and take its shell, and sell that too.
But . . . turtles . . . ?
I no longer wanted that shell.
That was about 22 years ago.

I do want to say this about my memory: It is improving.
Tiny bits, each day. For 8 months, I had no specific memories of anything.
I knew, and understood who most people are that I see everyday, like Troy, my parents, and siblings. But really good friends that I hadn't seen for 3 years, apparently I was a bit unsure about.

Troy tells me that there were times that I called him 'Scott'(an ex-boyfriend from way back), while we stayed at my parents after the General Hospital. A bit embarrassing.
I know certain events happened, but I didn't know the sequence.  There was a time, while my brain was just starting to recover, that I had no recollection of these 'clear memories'.
Then I started to get these...almost sci-fi-flashbacks, usually triggered by a simple smell or even just the way the air feels. It's very strange, but rather cool.
Example: Made candy cane cookies with Mallory for this Christmas season. This recipe  uses almond extract. I damn-near cried trying one. Such great memories came back with that smell.
Ahh, the brain. 

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