Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Vegan Scoop: ICE CREAM!!

The Vegan Scoop by Wheeler del Torro, I purchased because life without ice cream seems unbearable!

Just so we're all on the same page here, I am 'lactose intolerant'. I prefer to say I was weaned, but whatever. 

I was told by a dietitian that I had to keep eating some small amounts of milk, or my body wouldn't be able to handle it. And where else could I get the calcium?!
I am disappointed that the dietitian wasn't able to point me in the right direction, in terms of where to get calcium. She didn't even mention leafy greens. She asked if I cooked, and when I said no, she just said that there's fortified orange juice. REALLY?!?
No encouragement to start cooking? No reference to anything else that has loads of calcium? Apparently, according to the dietitian I saw, just milk and fortified orange juice has calcium. COME ON!!! 
Disappointing. She could have, at the very least, told me about all of these calcium-rich foods, and encouraged me to cook. If I didn't, that has nothing to do with her! She did all she could. Passed on the nutrition information. She would've, at least, done her job. <sigh>

I freely admit, that I would always say yes to ice cream(and cheese), despite the agony that would come. I missed a lot of work because of stomach problems. I blame dairy. Since cutting it out completely, I've had 2 stomach aches. One of those stomach aches was from eating twelve pieces of baking.
That's right, hello gluttony! 

We didn't  have our Kitchenaid, at that point. Or any other ice cream maker. Well, that's not totally true. Troy's Auntie Karon makes ice cream for every Easter. Dairy ice cream, I should say. We probably could have borrowed hers . . .
Luckily we got the Kitchenaid Stand-mixer from Tyler for Christmas in 2010, so off, Troy and I went and got the ice cream attachment!

The Vegan Scoop has so many types of ice cream! Classics like vanilla and chocolate, and 'exotic' ice creams, like wasabi. I know, right! I won't even eat regular wasabi with sushi! Really good stuff! Variations are suggested for different ice creams, and there's a section of companion desserts to go with the ice cream. LOVE the butterscotch recipe! 

It is surprisingly easy to make ice cream with our Kitchenaid.

The best ice cream is pistachio.
Our adventure friends, Shannon and Scott, spent a month in India, and Shannon told us how amazing the pistachio ice cream was. We'd never had it. So we made some, it was exactly how Shannon described: Amazing! It's a bit off-putting because it does have a green tinge to it, but sooo ridiculously good! I also really appreciated that charts were included showing the fat differences between dairy and non-dairy ice  creams. Super interesting facts!

Now we make almond milk ice cream and take it to the Troy's grandma's farm for lunch and apple pie dessert. Troy's aunt and grandma are also lactose intolerant. I like think they enjoy not having terrible stomach aches hours later.

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