Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Need To Rewrite That Last Post

Ch-ch-ch-chia pudding
So, I read over what I wrote the other day and I'm not happy with it.
I somehow never finished certain thoughts, and I didn't connect other thoughts together. It's a mess.
So I will be editing that last post.

Clearly, I was too tired to be writing.

I have amped up my physical activity, and increased how much raw food I eat.

Recently listened to an Our Hen House(episode 103), and they were interviewing a nutritionist, Gena Hamshaw, the creator of Choosing Raw. This blog focuses on raw vegan food, with recipes and tips. In the interview, Gena says that ideally, we'd be eating 60-70% raw.
Geez! I eat like...10% or 20% raw! Yikes!!
So I've taken Gena's raw food tip of starting with one meal and increasing.
Breakfast has been fruit smoothies and chia pudding.
Lunch, it's either all salad, or salad with some leftover supper.
Snacks has been carrots and snap peas with hummus, or celery sticks with peanut butter.
And supper is the usual, cooked dish. Last night we had Spring Vegetable Risotto from the The Vegan Table.
It's been yummy and I've been satisfied, and enjoying how I've been feeling.

For my physical activity, I usually take the dogs out, one at a time. Now I am running on the treadmill for 30  minutes as well.
Well, not running the entire time. 2 minutes of walking, 2-3 minutes of running.
I have found that on days that I run, I do end up needing a nap in the afternoon. Which is a bit disappointing, but not all that surprising. I don't sleep near the amount of sleep I needed, even a year ago. It's getting better.

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