Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sexy's Scramble

Sexy's Scramble

Sexy's Scramble mixture
The first official recipe made from The Sexy Vegan Cookbook by Brian L. Patton.
First off, it was perfect.
I really enjoy Brian's cooking instructions (ahem "-and don't you dare touch it.") Admittedly, it was hard to not go with my impulse to stir. Simple to follow the cooking instructions.

As you know, I always have all of my ingredients ready and prepared before I start cooking anything on account of my brain injury. I don't think clearly with a lot of stuff happening. It's hard to divide my attention. Even though he advised to crumble the tofu into the pan once a couple of ingredients were sauteing, I had the tofu drained and crumbled and ready. Everything ready on the counter. Lined up in the order it gets added to the fry pan.

Two of the ingredients are other recipes in his book. Well, one is optional, but seriously, I can't imagine this dish without the Not Yo Mama's Cheeze Sauce. It was so freaking great.

It calls for canned diced mild green chilis. Annoyingly, I neglected to put the chilis on our grocery list and therefore didn't buy any. Ugh. I made the cheeze sauce in the morning, rather than the night before. Carlos was sweet enough to run to the store in the morning. Carlos didn't want to buy packaged produce. He bought fresh jalapeno peppers to replace the mild green chilis. I used one and chopped it up. I worried it would be too spicy, but he assured me it would be fine. He was correct.

The Scramble Seasoning was stupid easy. Luckily, I already had all of the spices and was able to mix them together the night before.

The warmed tortillas were great. We just folded them up, and ate them like a burrito.
Not Yo Mama's Cheeze Sauce
& Scramble Seasoning

Carlos said these "were wonderful" in his sexy Spanish-Chilean accent. He loved it with the avocado. We have lots leftover, we'll be happily eating this for lunches this week.

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