Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vegan Hungarian Torta

I've been directed to a blog with a Vegan Dobos Torta by a couple of different people. I haven't had a chance to try this version of my favourite cake made by my Hungarian grandmother, but I'm very excited to try it!

It does look very similar to my grandmother's torta, but the ingredients are very different. Obviously, the vegan version doesn't use 30 eggs. I've never heard my grandma call it a "dobos torte", and it seems completely possible that there are way more than one version out there. "Dobos torta" is basically a rich cake (thus the far too many eggs used in my family recipe) with alternate layers of sponge cake and chocolate or even mocha cream with a caramel topping.
Now, my family has never used a caramel topping, they've only ever just used the chocolate torta filling as the icing. But hey, my family could very well prefer this caramel topping once they try it!

I'll be sure to post the results once I'm able to try this recipe!

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