Monday, November 28, 2011

Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Team ABI

I get brain support from a medical professional. His name is Dixon and he's an occupational therapist. He works for the Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Team. He's one of many different medical professionals that give support to people with acquired/traumatic brain injuries.
I know he's got my back! If anything comes up, or if I'm having trouble with anything, I call or email him, and he helps however he can, or gets me in touch with people that can help.
He also reports back to SGI(Saskatchewan Government Insurance-vehicle insurance) on my progress. SGI is currently replacing my wage, since I am, by definition, now disabled. (sounds like I should just be drooling)
They're also paying a small amount for my 'care'. They paid more when I couldn't walk, or shower, or go to the bathroom, or eat without help. Now, it's just the driving that I cannot do.
I will say: I am super happy I don't remember any of that!! How mortifying! 

Sorry-got distracted!

I used to work on the driving simulator with Dixon at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. It was pretty cool. The other drivers on the simulator are pretty realistic. They cut you off all the damn time! It gets really frustrating.
I did see my rep every two weeks. Then it was every month, and most recently, every two months! Dixon was complaining that he has very little work to do with me. I'm pretty independent and I am fairly able.
Now, I'm not sure what ABI's official stance is on veganism. But Dixon is a vegetarian!
I've seen numerous doctors(& nurses & dietitians), and they are all well-aware that I am vegan. (I am plenty-proud of my veganism, and I tell everyone!)
Plus, I like to think that Dixon is pretty convinced that my brain function is stellar, considering! And I like to say it's because I'm vegan! Whether Dixon truly believes that . . . is something else. I'll ask him.

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