Friday, December 2, 2011

My Pit Bull Companions: Mayhem

  This  is Mayhem. We got her from a rescue in Harden,  Montana. We found her on Petfinder.
We had put a deposit down for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, from a breeder in Ontario. We ended up not getting a puppy, so we started to look for another pit bull-type dog because we had fallen in love with these of dogs. And their story! There is so much BSL(breed specific legislation) bullshit out there! Bully breeds, currently, are not banned where we live(Regina, Saskatchewan), but the entire province of Ontario has them banned and there are towns in Saskatchewan that banned them too.

There are over 17,000 'pit bulls' that are looking for homes on Petfinder, right now! Over 17,000! Serious, I just checked! And that's just Petfinder!

Surely, we don't need anymore dogs to be bred!!

Traveling to her new forever home!
We drove down to Harden, Montana and picked up our sweet puppy! She was estimated to be 6 months old. Her name was Bobby Socks. Very cute. But we had to change it. Mayhem fit too well with her crazy demeanor! Plus, it's fun to say "Chaos and Mayhem".
Mayhem has a ton of energy!! 
She is 50 lbs and eats the same amount as Chaos, who is 78 lbs! Her metabolism is ridiculous! She's very bouncy. Her motivation is toys and play. Chaos's motivation is treats.
Unluckily for all of us, Russ Rathy moved to Alberta. She was not lucky enough to get his help with us!
Mayhem all tuckered out!
But, Troy and I  bought a treadmill for winter exercise(remember they are practically naked!) and that's been going really well. In the summer, Troy takes them rollerblading with him. And I walk them.
We just ordered Mayhem a weight-pulling harness, so that should be here for Christmas, and Troy is building them a spring-pole in the garage! (Remember-winter here is bloody cold and freakin' snowy!)

I am really happy that their ears and tail were not mutilated! Their ears are like velvet!

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