Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zombie Love and Saving My Brain

Way back when Troy and I started dating, almost 10 years ago(just, let me pretend it was a long time ago, okay?), we had Shitty Movie Sunday every Sunday!
We would watch two B-rated movies(often featuring zombies) with our friends. We would eat junk food(some definitely was not vegan!), watch and (lovingly) make fun of each film. It was a great time! We watched a lot of shitty movies. A lot! The only problem was, I was starting to have zombie nightmares. Often.
They were terribly frightening!
Lucky for me, The Zombie Survival Guide written by Max Brooks, was released not long after my nightmares started! Troy, my sweet boyfriend, gave me his copy to read.

Boy howdy!

I am super happy this was written! And that I read it! I learned a megaton about how to protect myself from the walking dead, and it was really showing in my nightmares. I actually feel somewhat prepared for the zombie apocalypse! I mean, I still should probably take a martial art. But now I know to avoid places like the hospital, police station, and churches!
It didn't take long for my nightmares to go away, and I read World War Z once that was released in 2006. Which was a great read! I absolutely recommend the book! Excited to see the film! Well, we'll see...maybe.  I'm torn! I'll get to it!

Flash-forward to my time spent at Wascana Rehab, I was trying to navigate with my double vision and my severe brain injury. Troy was encouraged by the medical professionals to leave me at home, by myself, so I could regain some independence. It wasn't that long ago that Troy helped me with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.! 
The problem I was running into, when I was home alone: I was terrified that zombies would bash through the door, and eat my brain! I was 28 at this point! Surely, Alyx, you know that isn't going to happen! Logically? I totally knew it wouldn't happen! But, from what I have since learned from counselling(don't judge me!), is that these anxious fears are not logical, nor rational. 
Thankfully, after a few weeks, my brain had healed more, and it occurred to me that it's February, in Saskatchewan. Any zombie outside would, literally, be frozen solid! And probably til mid-April/early-May! 
I did get over my fear of zombies eating my brain. I realized, not long after my anxiety regarding zombies had dissipated, that what I was really fearful of, was my brain getting further damage! 
What a revelation!
I still don't want to watch zombie movies. Or anything violent, or that has monsters. No ghosts before bed!
I find myself still sensitive to violence, almost 2 years later, which doesn't make sense to me! It isn't like I was robbed at knife-point, or raped!
I guess being inside a car while it's smashed to bits is plenty violent.

I will clarify: I still love the idea of zombies!
My good friend, and fellow belly dancer, gave me my first vegan t-shirt last year! I love it! It is so funny to me! I even bought two more in different colours! Light blue and orange. They are rad!

Speaking of vegan zombies!
Check out The Vegan Zombie! Enjoy!

This is Stephen Torrence signing Jonathan Coulton's Re: Your Brains. I really like it! I hope you appreciate it as well!

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